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May - August 2021

Some experts are dismissive of the Pentagon report on UFOs or UAP: concepts such as "space junk"... "out-of-focus images"... "mirages in newly deployed radars"... "novel drones"... are mentioned as "explanations" for recently recorded phenomena [Commentary: skepticism is one of the columns of good science, however, the "explanations" invoked by these experts are rather weak]

Rochester professor and SETI practitioner... not impressed by new UFO reports: bases his opinion on "artifacts of the camera's optics" and "drones deployed by rivals like Russia and China" [Commentary: if it is an artifact it cannot be a drone and vice versa... also the UFO phenomena has been observed since the 1950s without being exploited by "rivals" to gain military superiority, which would make it an enormous waste in military resources]

Back of the envelope calculation by laser physicist estimates that the likely number of Earth planets in our galaxy is less than ~ 100... which puts the probability of finding another Earth in our galagy at less than ~ 0.000 000 001... Human life forms are much less likely since they also required the formation of the Moon and the extinction of the dinosaurs

Unscientific behavior: asteroid-impact professional articles hide, and do not credit, the very discovery of the asteroid-impact (1980) by Luis Alvarez and son

Scientific biography of John Clive Ward: quantum physicist extraordinaire


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First published on the 1st of June, 2013